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Hearing Diagnostic Equipment testing laboratory
An accredited metrological service (testing laboratory) has been operating as a part of the Center since August 2013 to verify any hearing diagnostic (audiometric) equipment considered a measuring instrument and registered in Kazakhstan. The Center’s testing laboratory has been operating under the accreditation certificate # KZ.P.02.1402 dated August 29, 2018 according to the measurement classifier ST RK “Acoustic measurements. Code of the measurement type: 12.” 
The verification of the audiometric testing equipment (measuring equipment) is carried out by highly qualified specialists, verification officers of the testing laboratory who are certified as “acoustic measuring equipment verifier” and additionally trained at the manufacturers’ premises to verify, repair and service the equipment.
According to verification requirements, as well as the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan on technical regulations and assurance of measurements' uniformity, audiometric (measuring) equipment shall be subject to an obligatory annual verification to verify their compliance with the metrological and technical regulations and standards adopted in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The accuracy and validity of a diagnosis determined by the doctor based on the hearing diagnostics findings using the audiometric equipment depend on the precision of the audiometric testing equipment, that can be ensured solely by annual testing and calibration of such measuring equipment.
In addition, the Center is the only authorized service center for warranty and post-warranty maintenance, maintenance and repairs of GN Otometrics A/S audiometric (audiological) (measuring) equipment.
tel.: +7 (727) 395 83 40, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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