невропатолог детскийPediatric neurologist
Consultation with pediatric neurologist in Almaty: highest category certified physician, candidate of medical sciences Raigul Aitzhanova

Initial consultation cost: 15000 KZT

Follow-up consultation cost: 10000 KZT

Types of services:

Consultation and long-term follow-up of children with various psychoneurological disorders (perinatal encephalopathy, ticks, ICP, infantile autism, different types of psychoverbal developmental delay, alalia, dysarthria, stuttering, ADHD, myopathy, neuropathy, traumatic brain injury etc.)
Extensive information about the medical, social and psychological aspects of parenting children with psychoneurological disorders (memos and more)

To book an appointment, call the registration desk of the Diagnostics and Correction department at +7 (727) 394-46-23, 394-45-13