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Hearing diagnostics

Audiologist – hearing tests
The ear is a complex vestibular-auditory organ with two main functions: it perceives sound impulses and is responsible for our body’s ability to maintain balance in space. Hearing loss, tinnitus and dizziness deteriorate a person's quality of life. Late detection of hearing loss in children may lead to delays in their development. The audiology department conducts comprehensively diagnoses diseases of the auditory organ and balance disorders and their rehabilitation.
Center’s audiology department is visited by dozens of people each day. The Center provides in-depth hearing tests: using up-to-date methods to diagnose hearing disorders, tinnitus and dizziness. Our experienced audiologist prescribes the appropriate treatment (conservative, surgical or implantation) and conducts follow-up of the patient’s condition. Our audiology department is equipped with all the latest equipment necessary to provide the full range of audiology services.

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Hearing diagnostics
Our audiology department provides the following audiology services for infants through adults:
- ENT examination, consultation on available examination results;
- Objective methods of hearing diagnostic: audiological screening by methods of OAE and ABR registration (from the moment of child's birth); hearing diagnostic by the following methods: ABR, ASSR, multi-frequency tympanometry, acoustic reflex, auditory tube function test, acoustic reflex decay test;
- Tone threshold and suprathreshold audiometry;
- Audiometry in a free sound field;
- Game audiometry;
- Speech audiometry;
- High-frequency audiometry;
- Fitting of audioprocessor programmes of cochlear implantation, middle ear implantation, bone conduction systems.
The department offers a full range of hearing diagnostic required to be selected for cochlear implant surgery. Centre SATR also provides diagnostic for children with hearing impairments studying in special and general education pre-schools and schools.
You can make an appointment by phone: (727) 3944513, 3944623